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Bearing Frequencies -Skidding

Bearing Skidding

Symptoms: HFD Alarms and Non Synchronous Frequencies above 100kcpm+ - radial (V & H)

You may hear the skidding occurring in the bearing, and you should look in the spectrum typically between 100 kCPM and280 kCPM. Peaks of BPFO or BPFO may also be amplified in this region.

Types of Skidding

There are various types of Skidding : Lack of Lubrication  and Lack of Side Load.

Skidding is characterised by:

  • HFD Alarm is Broken
  • Raised noise floor in the 100kcpm region.
  • BPFO/BPFI frequencies
  • Both Vertical and Horizontal readings

  • The waveform will have increased  amplitudes.
  • No Phase characterisitics